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The Computer and Information Technology industry has always been of major interest to Mr. Jevon George, one of the three founders of SAJ computers. This is due primarily to the rapid growth of the industry and its increasing importance in the corporate sector and every other sector of society. Around the mid 90’s possibly the most revolutionary point in the tech sector, this rapid growth was highly influential in the choice of career for a number of youths. With an unwavering interest in the field of computer technologies and a determination to excel in this field, Mr. George pursued an Associates Degree in Computer Engineering Systems from the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College in November of 2005.

While Studying at The College Mr. George found that there was a high demand for work in his related field of studies. This prompted the decision to begin charging for his services, but keeping the rates affordable to the average Saint Lucian. The combination of reasonable rates and extensive theoretical and practical knowledge proved to be a good one as Mr. George found himself getting an increased volume of customers through referrals. This increased volume and the need to maintain a high level of service led to the creation of SAJ to cater to an ever widening sector.

SAJ maintains close relationships with most of our Clientele primarily due to the high level of interaction we have with our clients throughout the entire process of any job, from consultation to repair. Our clients trust us and are secure in the fact that we do not overcharge them, and we keep them involved in the jobs thus ensuring total transparency.This is primarily what sets us apart from other enterprises in this field. We offer personalized service and attention to meet our clients’ varying and individual needs.

SAJ Computers also imports new computer systems and all components. We truly are a full service enterprise in the field of computer technology. We pledge to keep our customers informed throughout the entire process and that is what sets us apart from other Saint Lucian Computer engineering firms.

Plans are currently underway to acquire a location closer to the Castries city center.

Our opening hours are from 9am to 6pm on weekdays & 10am to 3pm on weekends.
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